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As promised, this week Khalil embarked on his first adventure into the majestic Jordanian countryside. A mere 45 minutes outside of Amman, Khalil’s first stop was the Jordan River, featuring the celebrated baptism site of Jesus.


Khalil was enamored by the location, with its rich history, marauding river, and patches of wildflowers interrupting the desert landscape. As a rule, camels never miss the opportunity to socialize, so Khalil would say his favorite part of the morning was Super Bowl trash-talking with other world-travelers on the bus.

(Side note: his least favorite part was decidedly when we wouldn’t let him dip his hooves in the Jordan River. Look Khalil, just because you have a beautiful finish doesn’t mean you’re water-resistant. It was a hard moment in parenting, but if you ask me, a pouty camel is better than a sodden saddlebag.)


Next stop on Khalil’s tour was Mount Nebo, where the Bible reports Moses got to look out over the Promised Land before he died. From the peak, you can see the spread of the whole countryside, smattered with green. Khalil spotted Amman and Jericho in the distance, and he was told on a clear day, you can see as far as Jerusalem.


All in all, Khalil gives his trek out of the city five stars. Between the golden domes of Greek Orthodox churches and the quiet villages tucked among the hills, the Jordan River and Mount Nebo made for a much needed R&R in the life of one busy camel.

Tune in next time for Khalil’s travels across the Middle East and into the hearts of adoring fans everywhere.

Live long and prosper,

Haddie & Kathryn

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Meet Khalil the Camel, the great-grandchild of the very first Holy Land camels, on whose backs the vision of Holy Land Designs was carried.


In the days of old, 1998 to be exact, a young woman named Nancy had the dream of going to college. The ninth of eleven children and raised in a small village, Nancy's chances of achieving that dream were slim to none. That is, until she teamed up with a retired American teacher (and full-time rockstar). Neither woman had any idea what they were getting themselves into.

Armed with a simple sewing machine, a bolt of fabric, and a trusty wood-working sidekick named Peter, Nancy produced the first generation of Holy Land camels, and Amal the Camel (the great-grandfather of Khalil the Camel) was born.

What started with a suitcase of 90 olive wood camels and a dream catapulted into a company that employs over 20 full-time workers. Nancy has received her business degree, and Holy Land Designs has afforded countless opportunities for deaf, disabled, or disadvantaged Jordanians and their families.


And, because of Holy Land, Khalil the Camel has the opportunity to travel the world with us (Haddie & Kathryn, in case you forgot). Keep up with Khalil's adventures with his personal hashtag: #khalilthecamel and keep an eye out for more Camel Cameos.

In the meantime, we thought you might like to get to know Khalil a little bit better. Cue theme music:


Khalil “the Camel” the Camel


-4 years old

-Handcrafted in Amman, Jordan

-Fluent in Arabic, English, French and Camelese

-Dreams to find himself by backpacking through Europe

-Hobbies include (but are not limited to) interpretive dance, underwater basket-weaving, performance haikus and freestyle rap battles

-Known to cry in romantic movies and recite eloquent verse as the sun dips softly below the horizon

-Short-term goals: resume-building, move out of parent's basement, and learn what it means to fall in love

-Long-term goals: pay off college debt, build a substantial 401K, teach his son to play catch, have a son

-Favorite day of the week: Wednesday


Back to you Charlotte,

Haddie & Kathryn

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